Friday 3rd March 2017

Big Bath Sleep Out


Could you ‘Sleep Out’ for just one night if it meant you could help others who would be forced to sleep out every night? Homeless charity Julian House is asking you, your friends, your organisation to ditch the comfort of your bed and join hundreds of others in Alice Park, Bath, for just one night.

No-one is under any illusion that spending one cold night in Alice Park could possibly come close to the stark reality of being homeless and sleeping on the streets. People taking part in the Big Bath Sleep-Out are likely to get cold, possibly wet and certainly uncomfortable, last year it even snowed! However, the next morning participants can go home, have a warm bath, a cooked breakfast, chat to family and friends about their experience or just catch up on lost sleep.


The big difference for people who are forced to sleep rough is that they can’t see when things will change. Taking part in the Sleep-Out gives members of the public the chance to empathise with those who are forced to sleep on the streets. The sponsorship they raise will also provide much needed income to help fund the range of projects provided by Julian House – not just changing lives – but often saving lives.

The Big Bath Sleep-Out, which is supported by Bath Boules, is a great way for people to make a really positive difference to the lives of homeless men and women on our doorstep, and we would like to urge members of the public to take part. Later in the evening will be harder for those taking part, trying to sleep in cold conditions is hard enough for just one night, but let’s think about those who never know when it may end.


Cathy Adcock, Area Funding Manager at Julian House explains the importance of the event.
This is the 9th Big Bath Sleep Out we have organised and really hope it will be the best attended yet. It’s a really great way for us to raise the profile of homelessness and to get discussions started. It is also one of our most successful annual fundraising events. Last year 230 people (including 40 primary school children, with their parents) raised an amazing £37,000 by sleeping out for just one night. In the past we have had a 5 year old take part and an 80 year old – so it really is an event for anyone whether group of friends, organisations or families to get involved with. 2017 is also the 30th year that Julian House has been supporting homeless and excluded men and women in Bath, so it would be really special to achieve over £30,000 again.

Further details and an online registration can be found at or forms can be picked up from Alice Park Café or Julian House charity shops in Walcot St and Shaftesbury Road. Pre-registration is essential. (Under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult and those between 16 and 18 need signed consent from a parent or carer).

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